Think About It

31 08 2009

Are we really entering a post-Christian America?  Do the day to day happenings in our society really indicate that this nation has turned its back on God to the point of judgment?  Take a look at these statistics:

Of those born between 1924-1944, 65% were actively engaged in church activity.  Of the Baby Boomers (of which I belong) born between 1945-1965, 35% were actively engaged in church activity. 15% of the “Buster Generation, born between 1966-1983 were engaged in church activity.  Finally, of the generation born AFTER 1984, only 4% are involved in church activity.  The USA has the 5th largest population between 5-14 years of age.

September 11th came and went. Katrina followed suit.  We are currently in a global financial crisis, California is engulfed in fire,  and yet our nation continues to place its trust in bail outs, clunker cash, and in mankind for answers. Are these disasters the hand of God or just nature and the economy being themselves?

Is God judging our nation? If so, what is our proper response to this judgment? Are we discerning the times we live in properly? Does the Bible really give us the answers we need? Surely God wouldn’t continue to bless people individually and still bring His righteous judgment to the nation as a whole….would He?

Think about it…..